Business Digitization Case Studies

We help Enterprises to automate and digitalize the business process. The outcome was amazed, no more paperwork, cut down labor cost, time-saving, increase productivity, reduce loss in cost.

A Prudential Agency

Working with a Prudential agency in Vietnam to come up with 2 automation tools.

We automate part of the hiring process to keep the recruitment post always on the first top position of a recruitment platform. It helps our client increase the effiency, productivity, cut down cost of extra man power needed for the task.

We also make a tool to automate the conventional paperwork procedure approach. The improvement results in 30 times faster in retrieving data, thus, the task can be accomplished within some hours running the tool, instead of days. Even more, the queries data is stored in structured format which allows doing further analysis or investigation to get more insights into the dataset.

Profoto Digital Services Ltd.

We build a hybrid application to helps automate the workflow of a Singapore company, Profoto Digital Services Ltd. The platform also has a web interface so administrators can manage easier. Crucially, it helps store all the data in a central database server so the SME can be ready for the Industry 4.0

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